Cordova, Vienna
Liebhartsgasse 48/19, 1160, Vienna /

'Vienna' Cordova, Barcelona
Carrer de Portugalete, 15, 08014, Barcelona

(Vienna) The site in Vienna is closing. The opening of this work closes a temporary pavilion manifesting as a partly domestic domain, in actuality; an anti-home. 'Vienna' is an unavoidably auto-biographical work which claims no other value than riches in the economy of relationships. An homage to the accumulation of experiences, nurtured under the rare circumstances of unconditional hospitality, grounded in the right to repeal normative standards for cultural behaviour. A gestural shelter, a temporary tenancy. The prelude is the posing of a statement as a question - Maybe there is a substitute for exhibiting? The work is a response in turn. The immediate allure has the form of sculpture, but it is exactly not, sculpture, rigorously logical, utilitarian and functional, paradoxically immaterial, it is a form with function. A re-territorialisation of the domestic domain allowing the remaining site, the anti-home, to take on the role of sculpture. The personal space on show, as show, a site as a future perfect tense. A refusal to determine a work from the cultural conditions of its surroundings - a shelter that exists not only here but in transit, on the axis of the in-between. Temporarily de-installed it functions as a support structure contesting the concepts of borders, alongside the space in-transit, in a kind of site-lessness, an absolute loss of place, re-assembled in a new location, Barcelona, the work, titled 'Vienna'. Only now with the added value of sculpture, an artefact, a monument as base, functionally placeless in its inter-site but speaking in a symbolical tongue about the meaning of this change in place. A souvenir.