'Vienna' Cordova, Barcelona
Carrer de Portugalete, 15, 08014, Barcelona

Cordova in Vienna has closed. Cordova in Barcelona opens. Sanna Helena Berger's 'Vienna', in Vienna structured a temporary tenancy, paradoxically immaterial, room for a room for curator Cory Scozzari to live in during his last days in Vienna. Allowing the remaining personal space to be on show, as show. Before arriving in Barcelona, 'Vienna' existed in transit, en-route in a kind of sitelessness, remaining active, a work independent of materiality, as a support structure built on the economy of relationships. It exists in this interstate as an architecture of reciprocal hospitality. 'Vienna' in Barcelona is re-installed as artefact. The removal of the utilitarian value as a domestic domain, changes the structure, which was then, exactly, not sculpture, now, into sculpture, through its 'becoming' of the process. Its material presence is the art object as marker of a process, undergone. The architecture is now a sculpture that exposes the context of the process, still ongoing. But this time we enter from the street.