Im dialog
Sound piece with Aline Sofie Rainer
As part of 'ladder to a poem', curated by Julius Pristauz
August 2021, Kunstverein Kärnten, GERMANY

Sanna Helena Berger · Sanna Helena Berger / Aline Sofie Rainer / Im dialog / Kunstverein Kärnten, DE

SHB: Aline Sofie and I have been having sporadic conversations since 2016. Starting off slow and
scattered, our occasional exchange is a growing movement. Becoming steadier, gaining momentum as a small
dialogue dynamo speeding up, it amplifies.

ASR: I first got to know Sanna and Sanna’s work due to her solo show in Vienna, called ‘Vienna’,
I remember sitting on the balcony, shily congratulating her, being deeply moved. The whole work in itself
exists because of a move, our follow on conversation is a movement. We remained in scattered
contact, year by year, finally culminating in dialogue.

2016 10
2017 5
2018 11
2019 19
2020 26
2021 145

Dipping down in the single digits and expanding into the hundreds.
The sound mimics this movement of messages. It is a remix of a remix of a remix. What started out
as Aline’s interpretation on piano of my sound, became my remix of her score and another edit of that
to form this heard now. Throughout we are in dialogue. 10, 5, 11, 19, 26, 145.

SHB: This collaborative sound echoes Aline’s work on show. Matter which takes up space, weighs heavy on
the hand, but when listened to, is light, makes more room, both expands and contracts its
surroundings which seem unoccupied but are in fact filled by narrative.

ASR: While listening I recognise my breathing and shuffling feet that Sanna let remain part of our
conversation. Her decision to let my piano tunes rise, swell, double, fill the room, opening up,
within it, another room. Which is light, jumpy, heavy hearted, dark, over the top, maybe even tickling
your mind, before stepping back to a moment of silence.

SHB: This is text as sound, an exchange, from brief tête-à-tête to a lengthy heart to heart.
It moves from Aline’s voice to mine to Aline’s to mine and into points where we both eagerly rush in
to speak ontop of eachother. It oscillates and echoes to mimic our dialogue over the years.
Sometimes instinctively understanding one another even though sometimes strangers.
Echoing this kind of semblance of closeness through the far, it ping pongs in and out and moves
intensity around. In the spoken but also in the quiet.

The video, filmed by Aline, captures the movement of the light within the Kunstverein whilst
'Im dialogue' plays in light from August.