A movement
Sanna Helena Berger
Cherche Encore, 2021

A sound signals an allegorical avant-courier.
Running ahead as a figurative fugue.
It is a wave, just so curling. Its curvature; An arched echo.
It fizzles and crackles and crepitates into a cacophony of terrene tempo.
This overture weaves and waves and works itself into the collective composition.
A many pieced suite. A rowing movement, an arrangement of scores.
Scores sounding as substance. A subtext as a passage undulating.
A variation of forms in free circulation.
A speculative singular body is re-worked. Re-arranged as a condition of its disembodiment.
Into the collective body and form.
A narrative that culminates. A swelling volume. A mass, amassed.
Sounding out the composition of delicate labour.
An accompaniment of gestures and postures.
The composed body.
Out of several movements, released in flux. A sonata.
Broken up by the occasional intermezzo.
As a collective, a recital. The formation of a very large body.
Intermittent ambient conditions, sounds that stammers, waves of movement.
A variety of forms, performed as a series of sounds, staccato.
Singular somehow.
But in fact a deluge, a deafening acceleration.
A crescendo.

A movement is a 10 piece suite.
5 original compositions by Sanna Helena Berger and 5 variations by artists
Ewa Awe, Hoyah, Aline Sofie Rainer, Matilda Tjäder and Berger herself.
The movement grows with its corresponding videos which score the sounds with gestures and choreography
by Veronica Bruce and Karoline Bakken Lund, Efva Lilja, Shade Théret and Berger herself.

The variations are accompanied by choreographer and dancer Efva Lilja's work,
reworked by Berger to create larger volumes, bigger movements and echoing gestures.

The sounds were originally performed at Delfi during ‘Malmö gallery night’ 2018
A live performance in 3 parts with corresponding movements by Shade Théret.
The choreography gestures towards a metronome, building momentum, gathering volume.

The 5 compositions were then, as they are now, interwoven with performative text and choreography.
The text moves and morphs with the change in movement and creates parallels between the visual works.

Each video is a variant of form which works with the body as sound.
With gestures and postures as parallel notes in the composition of a larger suite.

The original 5 piece composition topically dealt with the pause. The in-between sound, the orchestral warm-up,
the audible prelude to a performance. A kind of ode to sounds which are not the “central sound”,
but the unsorted sounds around and in between the centre.

As a movement, these are works which do not only encompass sound.
This is an album which is audible, visual and textual - A movement.

a change or development
a group of people working together to advance their ideas
a principal division of a longer musical work, self-sufficient in terms of key, tempo, and structure.

The accompanying text is a form of writing as sound. Attempting the feeling of the word in the mouth.
Something moving, changing, pitching up and down, as an audible tempo and as a physical form.
Momentum building.